Jürgenson Perearstikeskus

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Jürgenson Family Medicine Center

Information, contacts, house rules



Sõpruse puiestee 179/181

13415 Tallinn

Phone: 6 52 52 50

Opening hours Mo-Fr 8-18


House rules

  1. Appointmets have to be always pre-registrated by phone. Our number is 6525250
  2. Registrate even if you think your problem is urgent. Phone calls will be answered for advice Mon-Fri 8-16.


  1. When registering you will be asked the reason why you want to come ( ex.illness,need for certificate, renewing prescription etc).
  2. In case of the illness and when You need a sick leave, you must contact center on the first day of illness, on days when center is closed you have to go to ER in order to start sick leave. NB! Sick leave is not opened with delay
  3. Patients with acute illness will be first received by nurse,who in case of necessity will find nearest appointment time to family doctor.
  4. Patients who have not registered will be received by nurse.
  5. For nurses appointment you must also register,for unregistered patients waiting time could be several hours.
  6. In case of EMERGENCY patients will be received immediately.
  7. If you can not come to the appointment at registered time,please let us know as soon as possible. Freed time can be then used to help another patient in need.
    If you do not come to an appointment, you must pay fine of 10Euros.
  8. Family doctors referral is not necessary in following specialities: ophthalmologist, dermatovenerologist, gynecologist, andrologist, psychiatrist,dentist, tuberculosis specialist and in the case of trauma surgeon or orthopedist.
  9. You can also send an email info@doc.ee, but info provided in the letter may not be enough and you still have to call us or come to an appointment in the center.
  10. Opening hours
    Center is open working days between 8:00-18:00
    You can call on hours working days between 8:00-16:00
    Wednesday is the healthy babies day,no ill people allowed to visit.

Doctor’s appointment hours

Dr.Kaja Märtsin

Mon 14-18;

Tue-Fri 08-12


Dr. Anneli Virks

Mon, Wed, Fri 9-13;
Tue, Thu 14-18

Dr. Le Vallikivi

Mon,Wed,Fri 14-18;
Tue,Thu 9-13

Family nurse’s appointment hours Mon-Fri 8-18

General information

OÜ Jürgenson PAK is rendering service to patients who are officially in our doctors lists.

Patients emails will be replied within 5 working days.

Renewed prescriptions will be available within 3 working days.

In the case of emergency please go to ER address Sütiste 19 or Ravi 18.

You can also call for advice to family doctors 24h helpline 1220.

Uninsured patients are treated at Magasini 34. Contact phone 6459 144
Our center will provide service to uninsured, if patient is paying for services themselves.

All people who do not have insurance from EU,must pay for their own visits ,tests etc.

Bank Account number EE122200221020124716